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02/2/2018 5:31 PM  #1


Have signed two players ahead of tomorrow’s game both on loan one from Charlton Athletic and the other from Colchester.


02/2/2018 9:21 PM  #2

Re: Chelmsford

After their last outing I'm expecting a  reaction.
Chelsford 1 Chippenham 2
(McCootie, Sandall pen).


02/2/2018 11:57 PM  #3

Re: Chelmsford

3 points would definitely be very welcome.


03/2/2018 11:52 AM  #4

Re: Chelmsford

M4 a nightmare so far. Be happy with a point personally.


03/2/2018 3:45 PM  #5

Re: Chelmsford

1 nil down at 44 mins penalty and Curtis off 2nd yellow


03/2/2018 5:03 PM  #6

Re: Chelmsford

Lost 2-0

Starting to think my sons are right that our time in this league may be short.

No good getting a point off the top teams if we don't compete with those around us


03/2/2018 7:05 PM  #7

Re: Chelmsford

Tough result to take, as we were very good the ten men certainly gave their all. Harsh harsh penalty. Curtis first yellow was mistaken identity as it was Jared who made the foul. Results went for us today i think.


04/2/2018 10:55 AM  #8

Re: Chelmsford

Results went with us ? Gloucester got a point now only 1 point behind with 2 games in hand ( one against us). 
Lets go back to that heady night in August when we left Twerton Park thinking "This league will be a piece of piss." Now back to the real world, we simply aren't good enough to stay in this league. The players who made it look easy in the S.P.L. are being found out, they are Southern league not National league players. The players Mark has brought in are also Southern league . Apart from a couple of league loanies and a striker not good enough to make Bath's starting line up. We are running out of games and as we have found out none are these are going to be easy. I know this is going to be controversial but is it time for a change at the top, I can already feel the daggers of those saying look what Mark's done for the club, how could you suggest a change. That's what a lot of Leicester City fans said about Claudio Ranieri when he went but look it worked, they're safe in the Premiership when at the time they looked certain for relegation. There's no time for sentiment in football.I really hope it doesn't come to that but if we don't win on Saturday we could be in the bottom three with games against top 10 teams coming up.


04/2/2018 11:22 AM  #9

Re: Chelmsford

We were good enough recently against two sides right up there challenging for promotion...


04/2/2018 11:48 AM  #10

Re: Chelmsford

Winning 5 of our last 14 games is beginning to look like a big ask. It's not impossible though even with the current squad, but something has to change. The professional game is littered with managers like Neil Warnock who can come in and reboot a side, but I don't think the same can be said at our level. A win against Bognor next Saturday is crucial.


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