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12/7/2017 7:51 AM  #1

Kent Kauppinen

Just been reading the report on the Melksham Town v Swindon Town friendly game on Tuesday evening, and a certain Kent Kauppinen played in goal for Melksham. The last I heard about Kent was that he had left Highworth Town to concentrate on his cage fighting career. Sounds as though he played well, and kept the score down to 5-0. Did anyone go to the game last night ? Assuming he has signed (or he possibly may be a trialist at the moment), he could be facing his old team mates on the 29th - that will be interesting !!!


12/7/2017 8:07 AM  #2

Re: Kent Kauppinen

Highworth aren't much higher up the pyramid than Melksham?


12/7/2017 9:09 AM  #3

Re: Kent Kauppinen

Same level.

Kent did well, saved a penalty (albeit a poorly struck one) and looked like he was enjoying it,  Kept the score down.


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