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27/6/2017 11:27 AM  #1

Is everyone on holiday ?

It seems very quite on the forum at the moment, so I thought I would bring everyone up to speed on the close season maintenance/tidying up program. Last Saturday we had approx. 12 willing volunteers continuing the good work at Hardenhuish Park in readiness for our first season in the National south. All the safety barriers on theĀ terraces have now been painted, and what a difference it makes. It totally transforms Hardenhuish. The weeding all around the ground is complete. The remaining jobs to do are 1). completely clean and jet-wash the main stand. 2). Finish off painting the white warning edges on the terracing. 3). Anything else the Chairman wants the volunteers to do. So if you have a few spare hours this coming Saturday., please come along a join the happy band. COYMB


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