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09/6/2017 5:50 AM  #1

It's a big thank you from Toyboy

I have been on holiday in Southern Ireland for the last 2 weeks (not scouting for the Manager by the way !!!), so unfortunately I missed the volunteers Saturday last week-end. I popped up the ground last night and was absolutely amazed at the amount of excellent work carried out by those mentioned on a previous post. On my walk around the ground I could not help but notice that some kind soles cleared the weeds from under the fencing behind the top goal. This is usually one of my tasks during the close season to pull up the weeds and generally tidy that area of the ground, so I am really grateful for those who have saved me a massive amount of work here. If anyone else would care to give an hour or two on a Saturday morning to generally help in the tidying up, it really would be appreciated. Weather permitting I will be at the ground Saturday 10/06/17 from 7.30 onwards. Every little helps as someone once said. COYMB


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