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08/5/2017 2:39 PM  #1

End of Season Awards

Here is a list  of the winners of awards from CTFC Presentation Evening, Chippenham Town FC also received an Civic Award Chippenham’s Mayor Cllr Terry Gibson

 Clubman of the Year - Tom Jones
Arthur Wimble Cup - Tony and Barbara Godwin
Supporters Player -Will Richards
Bluebirds' Supporters Club Player -CTFC Squad
Away Supporters Player -Dave Pratt

Under 18s
Managers Young Player -Caine Bradbury
Players Player -George Lance
Managers Player -Ashton Shanley

Chippenham Park
Young Player -Lewis McCarron
Players Player - Jamie Norman
Managers Player -Sam Thompson

Chippenham Town
Goal of the Season - Will Richards
Planers Player - Andy Sandell
Managers Player - Will Richards

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