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General Discussion » Retained Players 18/19 » 05/5/2018 9:44 AM

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Definitely, he is a quality player but him signing will depend on his interest and other clubs- I'm sure he'd be happy to join his local club in this division but it's just a question of whether we can compete with the other clubs who will inevitably want him, possibly in the division above.

General Discussion » Retained Players 18/19 » 04/5/2018 6:10 PM

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As stated on twitter-
Matt Smith, Dean Evans, Josh Smile, Darren Mullings, Curtis McDonald, Will Richards, Greg Tindle, Nick McCootie, Andy Sandell have all renewed contracts for next season.

Also says we are in talks with some of our other players and some from other clubs without contracts.

The players who aren't on this list are- Jason Matthews, John Beeden, Mike Jones, Kaid Mohamed, Robbie Patten, Alex Ferguson, James Guthrie, Karnell Chambers, Jake Jackson.

General Discussion » Wilts Senior Cup Date » 02/5/2018 5:01 PM

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Prices released (same as Melksham game vs Bemerton it looks)-
Adults £5
Concessions £3
Under 16s free

General Discussion » V Welling Home Tomorrow. » 28/4/2018 4:30 PM

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Thompson-8-Claiming corners and an insane fingertip save, wonderful performance.
Beeden-4-Decent performance I suppose, but what an embarrassing way to get a red. Pointless lashing out.
McDonald-7-Occasionally beaten for pace but was dependable and solid as ever.
Richards-8- Brilliant in all areas of defence. All round defensive masterclass today.
Tindle-8-Same as Will really. Rock solid.
Jones-8-Honestly the lower league right back equivalent to Neymar- never lost the ball with some beautiful skills- defensively sufficient too.
Mullings-6-Eh. Didn't really offer much but didn't do anything wrong either.
Patten-7-Looking like a wonderful all round midfielder for someone so young. Got stuck in and got forward well. Determination incredible.
Smith-7-Nice dribbling and passing, helped out in defence- some dreadful shooting however.
Sandell-7-Scored. Played really well for the very limited time on the pitch. Poor miss though.
Jackson-7-One of his better performances. Held up the ball incredibly well throughout and assisted Sands' goal.
Mohamed-6- Afew flashes of decent pace and dribbling but terrible end product and no determination.
Chambers-7-Lively as ever, good footwork. Could be brilliant in the future.

Man of Match- Mike Jones

Solid performance and nice to see the concentration kept up for the last game. Well done to the players and staff on an impressive first season in a very good league.


General Discussion » V Truro City. Home. Tomorrow. » 14/4/2018 4:33 PM

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Thompson-8- Lots of great saves at key moments and claimed tons of dangerous set pieces.
Tindle-7- Solid, beaten in the air a bit but great marking and tackling. Missed a sitter but is a centre back I guess.
Richards-8- Rock at the back, great clearances and interceptions, a real pain for Truro's attackers.
McDonald-7- All round great performance, particularly towards the end.
Beeden-7-Occasionally beaten for height or pace but a determined performance with no errors.
Evans-7-Nice aggression and some nice distribution, decent in the air. Not much else.
Mullings-6- Lack of pace really showed on the break but provided a great influence in holding midfield.
Patten-7-Missed a sitter, but never really gave the ball way and got stuck in.
Ferguson-6-Shaky early on but improved as the game went on, decent performance in the end.
McCootie-6-Some glimmers of fancy footwork but a tad sluggish(is returning from injury i suppose). Not winning enough headers for such a big guy.
Sandell-9-A goal and assist, wonderful skill, quality balls in, great positioning- what a performance.
Jones-8- Scored a goal, some nice footwork, great decision to bring him on.
Mohamed-4-Gave the ball away twice at dangerous moments and was too slow mentally and physically.
Guthrie-7- Didn't have much to do really, but made a great tackle at the end.

Man of Match- Andy Sandell

Overall, a brilliant performance against a very good side. Nice to see us countering well but today was mainly down to some Sandell magic and defensive solidity and determination. 

We are staying up!

General Discussion » V Hemel. Away Tomorrow. » 07/4/2018 12:40 PM

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Bluebirds2006 wrote:

If my memory is correct a win would give us the double over them

Yeah we beat them 5-1, braces from Twine and Pratty.

General Discussion » V Eastbourne Today. » 31/3/2018 4:35 PM

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The best performance this season?
McDonald and Richards stood out at the back, Richards dealing with their huge forward well, McDonald with tons of brave tackles, clearances and interceptions. Tinds and Evans solid too. Midfield had a lot to do but Mullings held them up well with Smile and Fergs getting forward brilliantly and not afraid to get stuck in. Occasionaly I've thought Smith might not be cut out for this level but he made me eat my words today- some lovely dribbles from him,and a great bit of control for Chambers' goal. But todays performance was all about the front pairing of Sands and Chambers- Chambers, dare I say it, was nearly like having Pratty back, the ability to create something out of nothing and sheer pace on the lad was very impressive- defenders resorted to just pulling the fellas shirt so he couldn't burst through em. Baring in mind the guys only twentyish, he could be key in the future. Sands showed he's still got the pace, getting onto long balls over the top and bringing them down with ease, taking on defenders, winning the headers, and a brilliant goal- he's definitely still got it and that showed today. Eastbourne looked solid so weren't as bad as the scoreline suggests so to get such a one-sided result against them gives me great confidence for the last few games. Credit to Mark and the staff for setting up a solid team, as well.

Come on Chippenham!

General Discussion » V Weston & Concord. Home. » 17/3/2018 5:26 PM

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Defence looked incredible today, despite tons of Weston pressure (they work the ball around very well to be fair). McDonald, Tindle and Richards din't put a foot wrong, Jones looked classy on the ball as ever and Guthrie got stuck in brilliantly. Liking the 5 at the back.
Can't fault a single player in that game.
What a result with pretty much every other team in the relegation battle losing as well.
Win against Concord and we're nearly safe. Come on Blues!

General Discussion » Senior Cup semi-final » 14/3/2018 4:55 PM

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Pretty sure beeden got the hat trick from smiles free kick, he seemed to think he got a touch to it anyway.

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