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General Discussion » Torquay - Interesting Read! » Today 10:19 AM

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Why would he swop sunny Swindon for the English riviera šŸŒž

General Discussion » Torquay - Interesting Read! » Today 10:13 AM

Following Torquay Utd sacking their manager after only 4 games I took a look at the forum... interesting to see that Mark Colliers name is in the hat!! Very complimentary.



General Discussion » Saturday - East Thurrock Utd » Today 9:47 AM

Looking forward to tomorrows game againstĀ East Thurrock, hoping for a another good turn out!

Will be interesting to seeĀ what the starting 11 is,Ā guessing it all depends on the injuries situation! Do we have any updatesĀ on that front?



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