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General Discussion » Strikers » Today 4:43 PM

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Jake Jackson off the bench might be decent cover for Sands and Pratty

General Discussion » Newport » Today 2:29 PM

And im referring to OUR pitch being a Billiard table by Harnish standards!

General Discussion » Newport » Today 11:12 AM

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Lord Voldermort - I'm referring to the amount of grass that will be on our pitch at the turn of the year compared to Newport's, not how level by comparison Newport's pitch is. I know we play up the side of a pyramid, and there is tiddely squat we can do about that. But if you watch the Football League high-lights on a Saturday evening over the coming weeks, you will see Newport's pitch will have less and less grass because they share with the rugby club.

General Discussion » Strikers » Today 10:14 AM

Its all about rotation at this level.

General Discussion » Newport » Today 10:08 AM

A billiard table by our standards...

General Discussion » Newport » Today 5:52 AM

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Words of wisdom as always from your good self Jono, and an excellent summary of Tuesday night's game. Really thrilled that Josh Williams has signed for us, which will give us another attacking option. Blimey the management team are really building a strong squad here now. Up-date on the pitch - well I understand that Marcus Cassidy and members of his groundstaff from Swindon Town Football Club visited us yesterday, and have carried out further work on the pitch, and the bottom goal now has a protective membrane covering the entire 6 yard area which will allow thicker growth of the new grass. All the needed was rain and I'm sure it will be lush and ready for when we play Swindon Town on 01/08/2017. Interesting comments from Newport on our pitch. I would like to see the comparison between ours and their pitch at the turn of the New Year, and see who's is standing up best - I think we all know the answer to that !!!  COYMB

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